What is a Toxic Relationship?


People usually think of a toxic relationship being with their partner, but it can be with a colleague, a boss, a family member or even a friend.    We can help you, whoever the perpetrator is.  We can’t change them, their attitude, or what they do, but we can help you change your perception and reaction to them. We can help you be stronger, more resilient and provide you with the tools and techniques to help you deal with any situation.

In most instances you can walk away, stop seeing your friend, or even get another job.  Family members are more difficult, but unless you live with them, you can limit your exposure to them.   A partner, especially a long-term partner, is not so easy to walk away from.  You may hate parts of the relationship but still love your partner or feel you need them, you may have children and be reticent to break the family unit, or  feel that however unhappy you are, it may be worse to be on your own, or you may even be staying because you feel your partner needs you.

However, if you sometimes dread going home, not knowing what mood will greet you, if your steps slow down when you are approaching home, or you find yourself rushing because you know you will be in trouble if you are late, or if you are constantly trying to please and appease your partner to keep the peace, or you question your own thoughts and actions.

Then ask yourself:  Is this who I want to be? Is this the relationship I want for myself?  Would I tell my best friend to stay in a relationship like this?

Ultimately, a toxic relationship results in one person asserting power, control and their will over another.  You do not need to be a victim?

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Are All Toxic Relationships Destined for Failure?

Every relationship is different, and whether you choose to end the relationship or continue with it, is up to you.  Will the relationship change? Only if both parties are willing to accept and understand how they impact each other and are prepared to compromise and work together to make the relationship better.  Be prepared that unless you are truly prepared to leave the relationship, a toxic partner will consider that whatever they do, you will stay.

We are here to empower you to decide what is best for you and whatever you choose to do, we are here to support you through any changes and to help you determine and attain what you want and deserve.

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