About Me

I am a coach/therapist who specialises in recovery from and through toxic relationships.  Previously working in Organisational Psychology and specialising in Bullying and Harassment and stress management within corporate environments including FTSE 100 companies, before moving into providing therapy and coaching to individuals.

Everyone is individual and I provide unbiased and non-judgemental contact to any person or situation. I utilise a combination or approaches, tools and techniques including coaching, CBT, NLP, and breathwork, that will be tailored to help you in the best possible way.

My aim is to help you clarify your thoughts, and empower you to make the best and safest decisions for your future life by healing your emotional pain and reframing any destructive or harmful thoughts and self-talk, reduce your stress both at home and work, as they will impact each other, and gain calm and peace and start trusting your own opinions and increasing your self-worth and confidence to empower you to set your own terms in a relationship going forward.

Through both personal and work experiences, I know and understand how you are feeling and what you are going through.  When my extremely long marriage broke down, I realised my thought capacity had become confused and I was using maladaptive coping strategies which added to the confusion and my response.   With coaching I accepted that all our thoughts are temporary and when we say we can’t go on, what we mean is we desperately need the pain we are in to stop.  I moved forward and am now back to achieving and living the life I want.